The Regina Battery Depot and CAA Car Care Team Announce New Website

The team at Regina Battery Depot and the Car Care Centre are thrilled to showcase our new website! We continue to be the experts in our industries and we wanted our website to reflect that. And to show what we do and can do for you!

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up to the challenge in creating us a user friendly site that outlines our services.

Some of the great features of our new site are:

Our new website also has all the information you need to know about the Car Care Centre. We are a CAA certified auto service shop, meaning we have to undergo regular inspections to maintain the CAA seal of approval. That means you can trust our team of experience technicians to work on your vehicle.

One of the best features of our new site is the handy ‘Live Chat’ feature. If you are looking for something specific or have a question for one of our experts during business hours, just click that text box and start talking with our team members immediately. If you are researching after hours, we do have Frequently Asked Questions on each of our product pages too – so you can find some answers there to your most common questions. Otherwise, pop over to our Contact page and drop us a line, we will be more than happy to respond within 1-2 business days!

Keep up to date with relevant battery topics and car service topics we discuss in our News Section! Stay tuned as we add more content over the next few months.

We are proud to be a member of Trusted Regina and that means we have gone through a verification process and do that yearly, to be considered part of the Trusted Regina group of businesses. We are contracted to uphold the Trusted Guarantees and you can read what others have to say about working with us!