I know a lot of us are working from home right now. And many of us also have kids at home who are connected for various reasons – to do schoolwork, having virtual playdates with their friends, or just passing some time on their devices. And while you are at home staying healthy, it’s important to keep the batteries in your laptops, tablets and phones healthy too. 

Today all your devices – phone, tablets and laptops are powered with lithium-ion batteries so most of the tips to keep them healthy are useful no matter which device you are using.

Skip the off-brand chargers and cables

You really do get what you pay for. It’s tempting to spend a little less if you need to replace your charger or cables for your device. But in the long run it could cost you more. Cheap “knock off” chargers and cables don’t always have the safety mechanisms in place to regulate voltage and that can damage your device port and/or battery.  In most cases, if you are purchasing chargers and cords from a reputable brand you should be just fine but avoid the gas station and dollar store ones.

Stay in the zone

Once upon a time, we were told to let our device batteries run completely out before charging them. And that was sound advice when our devices were powered by NiMH batteries. But lithium-ion batteries tend to last longer when you don’t let them fully discharge. You certainly aren’t going to kill your battery if you let it get down to zero but in the long run it will last longer if you get into the habit of not letting it get below 20% before charging.  It’s also not necessary to charge your phone to 100% every time. In fact, short charges are better for the overall life cycle of your battery.

Keep it cool (well room temperature)

Lithium-ion batteries do not like heat. Exposing your device to heat on a regular basis is the fastest way to degrade your battery.  If you do find yourself with a hot phone – maybe you left it in the car on a summer day – wait for it to cool down before charging it. Cold temperatures can also have an impact on battery health but generally not as much as heat.

Some cases also can make your device overheat so keep an eye on that, especially when charging.

Stay up to date

Whatever operating system your device uses, keep it updated to the latest version to make sure you are taking advantage of any energy saving technologies that come out.

Storing your device

If you are not going to be using your device for an extended period of time charge to 50% and then power it down to help preserve the life of the battery.

In the end, batteries do have a life cycle. If your battery has lived its best life and it’s time for a new one talk to one of our battery experts. If your device has a removable battery the Regina Battery Depot should be able to help you out with a replacement and get you powered up again!

Trust the team at Regina Battery Depot for all your battery needs!