Battery Accessories

Regina Battery Depot is not just a ‘one stop battery shop’ but we are also the spot to find your battery accessories like adapters and chargers.


Cables & Chargers

Regina Battery Depot stocks a large supply of battery accessories in our store. You may not have just the right cable in your big box of cables a home, but we carry cables and cable ends, chargers, booster packs, and inverters! So it is very likely we will have what you’re looking for and if not then we can find it for you.

Solar Power

Regina Battery Depot also carries solar panels and the accessories needed to get your solar installation working. Just ask our team of experts and we can help you find what you need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we recycle all batteries, from household batteries all the way up to commercial batteries.

We do have a small stock in store and we can order in anything you need. Give us a call.

Yes all of our batteries are charged and tested before they go out the door.

Yes we can make up cables and we also repair or replace cable ends.

Yes we rebuild old and new chargers.

Have a Question?

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