Regina Battery Depot Battery Testing Services

Regina Battery Depot Battery Services

We are pleased to not only be ‘Your one stop battery shop’ and carry or be able to source virtually any type of battery you can think of, but also provide a full range of battery services.

The Types of Battery Services We Provide

  • Battery Rebuilds – Our team will determine if the rebuilt battery will outperform the previous version, or if it makes sense to buy brand new.

  • Battery Testing – Bring your batteries to us and we can test them to ensure how efficiently they are powering your device, appliance, or vehicle.

  • Design & Build of Charging Systems – The Regina Battery Depot team is skilled in designing and building out charging systems for your needs.

  • Minor Electrical Repairs – We can do some minor electrical repair work that may coincide with working on your battery system.

Regina Battery Depot Charging Cables

YES, We Recycle Your Used Batteries!

While the components that make up batteries are in some instances, less toxic than they used to be, it’s still not advisable to toss used batteries in with your household garbage. In fact, unless you know exactly what type of battery you are dealing with, it’s safer to bring them to us, so we can properly dispose of them or recycle them where possible.

Certain batteries are composed of hazardous materials and toxic chemicals and some jurisdictions in North America have already implemented laws requiring the proper disposal of batteries  – both single use, and rechargeable batteries that are no longer holding a charge.

Let’s all do our part to keep battery waste from our landfills and from getting into our ground and water supplies by bringing your unusable batteries to us!

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