Specialty Line

Specialty Items

Specialty Batteries

We offer a full range of miniature batteries for items such as hearing aids, medical devices, and watches as well as calculators, electronic books, garage doors, keyless entry facilities and other small electronics.

Laptop Computer Batteries

Laptop Power Cord
We carry the most popular brands of laptop batteries and adapters.

• Acer
• Apple
• Asus
• Compaq
• Dell
• Gateway
• HP
• LG
• Sony
• Toshiba

Battery Rebuilds

Battery Rebuild Supplies
We rebuild tons of batteries and drill packs for tools, grease guns, phone batteries, baby monitors and more!!! We also carry new drill packs.

• Dewalt
• Craftsmen
• Ryobi
• Hitachi
• Black & Decker

Call 306-522-2221 for pricing.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries
We carry rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries used for

• Alarm Systems
• Emergency Lighting Units
• Medical Equip
• Toys Cars
• Wheelchairs/Scooters
• UPS/APC Backups

Cell Phone Batteries

Cell Phone Accessories
We have a wide range of cell phone batteries & chargers.

• Audiovox
• Samsung
• LG
• Sanyo
• Blackberry
• Nokia
• Motorola
• Kyocera

Camera Batteries

Cell Phone Batteries
We have a wide range of camera & camcorder batteries ( both standard and longer-lasting heavy duty batteries), as well as universal chargers.
• Sony
• HP
• Casio
• Canon
• Nikon
• Fuji Film
• Samsung
• Kodak
• Minolta
• Pentax
• Sanyo

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